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-  Memorabilia Americana provides to our clients high-value objects, antiques, and items related to important eras,

    events, and genres associated with the history and culture of the United States of America. These items are generally 

    valued at a minimum of $500 USD.  

-  We provide a wide variety of items to furnish an entire restaurant or sports-bar, complete room or salon, a group

    of representative objects for display, specific artifacts to complete a personal collection, or a singular piece to serve

    as a coffee-table conversation piece or special gift.

-  Our experts collaborate with professional designers and decorators to meet our client's needs in the acquisition

    and display of difficult to locate items of Americana.  Film and television production companies, restauranteurs/sports

    bars, museums, universities, and private collectors all utilize our services to meet their needs.

-  Memorabilia Americana offers recommendations and suggestions based on the availability and cost in obtaining

    a wide variety of objects and artifacts to suit our client's needs.

-  Should a particular item of interest be unavailable we can suggest alternatives that may also meet our client's

    requirements.  Whatever your needs, we very much look forward to working with you.  Please do not hesitate

    to contact us.  

- Memorabilia Americana(美国遗产集合)为其客户提供与美国历史和文化相关联的相关年代、

  事件和流派的珍贵物品、古董和手工艺品。 这些物品的价值一般至少为 3500 人民币。 
- 我们也组装各种物品,为您提供完整的餐厅或运动吧、完整的房间或沙龙、

   一组供展示的代表性物品,  特定手工艺品个人收藏系列或咖啡桌系列风俗画或特殊礼品。 
- 我们的专家与专业设计师和装饰师通力协作满足客户的需求,

   帮助他们收购和展示难以寻觅的美国文物。 电影电视制作公司各企业、餐厅老板、零售商、博物馆、

- Memorabilia Americana(美国遗产集合)

- 如果我们无法为客户提供其感兴趣的某件特殊物品,则可推荐也能满足其需求的替代物品。

  无论您有何需求,我们均渴望与您合作。 请尽管联系我们。 

Copyright 2016 - Memorabilia Americana.  All rights reserved.

国际电话: +1-813-757-6777           美国境内电话: +1-888-757-6777